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Introducing Just Labour

York University's Centre for Research on Work and Society (CRWS) is pleased to offer academics, trade-unionists, community activists, researchers, policy makers and students Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society.

Why Just Labour?

Workers and their unions are experiencing massive changes within workplaces and the broader economy. Globalization, technological change, privatization, deregulation, the growing international division of labour, and the actions of all levels of government deeply affect our workplaces, changing not only the way people work (or, in many cases no longer work) but also the context of union action.

Changes in the workplace are dramatically impacting the lives of working people and challenging the collective abilities of workers to resist. There is a growing need for sophisticated information and analysis by academics and trade unionists. We need a full understanding of the changes in our workplaces and the challenges to our unions. Many argue that organized labour's understanding of new forms of representation, coalition building with non-labour groups, and the importance of international action will largely determine its future. But it is important that our discussions reach beyond academic accounts of 'what should be' to include the voices of front-line trade unionists describing 'what is' and 'what can be achieved'.

Just Labour explores the complex ways new technologies, subcontracting, new management strategies, and emerging self-employment are undermining the traditional employee-employer relationships and disciplining workers.

Just Labour investigates how union action has been subverted by the international integration of capital, the proliferation of precarious employment, the challenges of organizing marginalized workers, and the increasingly anti-union practices of employers and the state.

Just Labour addresses the culture and activities of Canadian workers and their unions as they face new challenges. The journal will explore new ideas and seek out fresh approaches to solving problems.

Just Labour brings the work of leading academics and trade union researchers to a broad readership in popular, accessible language.

Just Labour is an initiative of the Centre for Research on Work and Society (CRWS), an organized research unit of York University. The CRWS was established in 1990 to address issues facing workers arising from the volatile transformation of the Canadian workplace. Since its inception, the CRWS has worked tirelessly to foster a culture of union-university-community research partnership.

Just Labour very much reflects this tradition, as the journal's readers, editorial committee, and contributors bridge both the academic and union research communities.

Contact Information

Email : julabour@yorku.ca