Is Precarious Employment Low Income Employment? The Changing Labour Market in Southern Ontario

  • Wayne Lewchuck
  • Stephanie Procyk
  • Michelynn Lafleche
  • Dan Rosen
  • Diane Dyson
  • John Shields
  • Luin Goldring
  • Peter Viducis
  • Alan Meisner
  • Sam Vrankulj


This paper examines the association between incomeand precariousemployment, how this association is changing and how it is shaped by gender andrace. It explores how precarious employment has spread to even middle incomeoccupations and what this implies for our understanding of contemporary labourmarkets and employment relationship norms. The findings indicate a need to refineour views of who is in precarious employment and aneed to re-evaluate the natureof the Standard Employment Relationship, which we would argue is not onlybecoming less prevalent, but also transitioning into something that is less secure.
Special Section