Precarious Work Experiences of Racialized Immigrant Woman in Toronto: A Community- Based Study


  • Stephanie Premji
  • Yogendra Shakya
  • Megan Spasevski
  • Jessica Merolli
  • Sehr Athar
  •   Immigrant Women and Precarious Employment Core Research Group



Despite their high levels of education, racializedimmigrant women inCanada are over-represented in low-paid, low-skilljobs characterized by highrisk and precarity. Our project documents the experiences with precariousemployment of racialized immigrant women in Toronto. We conducted 30 semi-structured interviews with racialized immigrant women. Participants wererecruited through posted flyers, partner agencies,peer researcher networks andsnowball sampling. Interviews were transcribed andanalyzed using NVivosoftware. The project followed a community-based participatory action researchmodel.Participants faced powerful structural barriers todecent employment andadditionally faced barriers associated with household gender relations. Theirlabour market experiences negatively impacted theirphysical and mental healthas well as that of their families. These problems further constrained women’sability to secure decent employment. Our study makes important contributionsin filling the gap on the gendered barriers racialized immigrant women face inthe labour market and the gendered impacts of deskilling and precarity onwomen and their families. We propose labour marketreforms and changes inimmigration and social policies to enable racialized immigrant women toovercome barriers to decent work.




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